Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lovin' My New Bag

So in case I haven't mentioned it,
I love, LOVE all things organization!
And in case I didn't mention this before, I absolutely love purses and cute bags!
So imagine how happy I was to order these two from 31 bags.

I was worried the floral print might be too bold for me, but I love it!  Makes me feel so happy every time I see it.  It's actually a collapsible file holder that fits perfectly inside my bag.
The bag has 5 outside pockets and my name.  Now I'm not a big look at me type person, but gotta say, love the bright red on my new polka dot bag.

Next on my list: tackle my To File drawer.  
With this cute bag and file holder, I have no excuse to empty out my file drawer.  I can just take that stack home, organize in front of the TV, bring back and return to its proper place.
 I really shouldn't have a to file drawer, I had to take a pile out just to open the drawer.  But my chaos is sorta organized.  It's a journey I enjoy, more excuses to buy more organize anythings ;)

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