Sunday, March 16, 2014

To Reading Log Or Not To Reading Log?

So...I've been teaching 19 years now.
(Ah hem, wow, wait I have to catch my breath, I say it but I just don't believe it). 

Anyways, I've had reading logs for 18 of those years.  Mostly because it was on our report card and it would let me know who was reading.

Since my return to First Grade though, I've stayed away from them.

I really didn't like the way my kiddos would read a lot of books just to fill out the log, so I stopped rewarding them a long time ago, (hence my hesitation with AR, but that's a different story).
I really didn't like how I would see several simple titles or chapter books to fill up the reading log.  I mean, come on, it really took you 20 minutes to read 3 chapter books?  And punishing kids for forgetting to fill out the reading log?  The terror in my kiddos eyes!  Isn't it funny how it's always our best students who get so worried about not being our perfect lil' students?

So in order to keep my frustration level low, (always a priority ;)
I decided I would still require 20 minutes of reading, but only a parent signature be necessary.
Do I wonder if some of my kids are really reading 20 minutes each night?  Sure.
Do I wonder if students are using any comprehension strategies?  Sure.
Do I wonder if parents are just signing and not reading with their child?  Sure.

But I've accepted the fact that I can't control any of it.
I always tell my parents and students that teachers can ALWAYS tell who reads at home and who doesn't.  So it's up to them if they want to be an eh, so-so reader or a ta-ta-chan....Super Reader.
 And to become a Super Reader you have to read, read, read!

So what to do? What to do?
Tune in for more info and freebies :)

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