Monday, January 21, 2013

God Bless America

Enjoy this beautiful patriotic song to celebrate the
 Second Inauguration of President Barack Obama
and to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,
May God Bless us all.

Click on the picture below for your free copy :)

Monday, January 14, 2013


Our district uses Treasures (Tesoros en español).
One thing I really like about this program is the focus on vocabulary.
Each week we're supposed to introduce 5-6 new words, (I'll just say that some weeks are better than others ;)

This is how I teach my kiddos new vocabulary.
I first introduce the word using kid friendly terms with a hand motion.
My kiddos are pretty good now and help me out with the motions.
When I say the word, my kiddos repeat the word and its meaning:
(teacher) Imitate
(students) imitate, means to copy
Throughout the day, whenever I say Imitate, my kiddos will do the hand gesture and say "Imitate means to copy.

I teach a dual immersion classroom, so for me it goes more like this:
(teacher) imitar
(students) imitar es copiar.

Below you'll see how I initially had my kiddos record the unit's vocabulary words.
Agotado, muy cansado.  (exhausted, very tired)
Practicar, es hacer algo muchas veces para mejorar. (Practice, to do something many times to improve)
Energía es mucho ánimo. (Energy, vitality)
Aren't their drawings just too cute?

I'm now using this format, similar to one I used when I taught 2nd grade.

Clicky here if you'd like a copy and let me know if it's useful for ya. :)