Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Instagram Love

being the techy that I am (insert my kids hysterical laughter)
I finally took the plunge into the Instagram world.
I admit, I couldn't understand the hype, but now...

I love Pinterest.
I love teacher blogs.
But Instagram has opened up a whole new world.

I thought I was the only planner junkie in the world, but noooo, not even close!   There are people who have some serious planner love, I even found groups devoted to their planners :)

Anyways, I'm finally on Spring Break, YAHOOOOOO!
And I'm sick of course, but that's ok, I'm just thankful for some time off to relax.

I need to get back to posting on my poor little blog.
Because after this week, it's gonna be CrazY!
4 1/2 weeks of school left!