Saturday, March 1, 2014

First Currently

Yay! My first Currently Linky with Farley!
I always love to read these snapshots to see what everyone in bloggyland is up to, so here we go!

I got an emergency alert at 3:26 a.m. about a Tornado Warning, in Southern Cali!
Really?!  I just told my kiddos we're so lucky to live here because we don't have to worry about tornados :/  Well, I certainly couldn't get back to sleep until 6 a.m.  Luckily, all was fine, whew!

I love seeing everyones new blog designs and I think I'm ready for a change.
I usually change it up myself, but I barely have time to blog, let alone design.

Can you guess my last line? Pretty easy and very true... it's been a tough week.

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  1. Welcome to Currently. I look forward to this each month to see what people are up to. I hope next week is better for you.

  2. Hey Libby!

    I found your blog because you posted on Farley's linky right before me! I hate that you lost hours of sleep due to crazy weather! But so glad that you're safe! Is your question: "Guess what I'm thankful for?" I am ALWAYS mostly thankful for my family when times are rough!

    I look forward to following you in the future!