Sunday, September 15, 2013

Duck On A Bike Equals Stamina...


Who knew this book would help drive home the point of building stamina? 

I often refer to building stamina, or in Spanish leer con vigor, to riding a bike. We can't just jump on a bike  and expect to ride it like a pro right away. I ask kids to talk to their partners about how they first learned to ride a bike. Without fail, they all say how they had to practice and practice and practice.

Well, reading is just like riding a bike.
We can't read well just like that, we have to read and read and read. It's up to us if we want to be an eh-so-so reader or if they want to be a.... Super Reader! 
And they all want to be Super Readers of course ;) 

So what do we have to do to become a Super Reader?
Read, read, and read some more!
I cannot stress enough how important it is for kids to see themselves as readers!
This is why it's so important for kids to realize there are 3 ways to read a book.  Struggling readers can read the pictures or retell the story, which are both very important for comprehension.
Click below to grab your freebie.
To start building stamina, I use our Treasures reader.  Students are familiar with the stories, they're familiar with the 3 ways to read a book, and are set to go.

My kiddos found many places to read...

Ahhh, can anything else warm a teacher's heart like seeing her kiddos read?

Have a super weekend amigos :)

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