Sunday, September 29, 2013

Breakin'Bad Sushi Sunday!

Hola amigos,
I can't believe October is just around the corner!

The countdown is on, not a lot of time until....
The series of finale of
Can't wait!
And to think I almost gave up half way through the first season!

To celebrate, (yes, we celebrate, this season is that good!)
I put together some snacks.
Yahoo for Party City, they have so many yummy candies in different colors, its a rainbow heaven I tell ya :)

I wrapped them and gave a baggy of the blue stuff to my pal at school,
we're sooo excited!!
My son is taking a baggie to his friend's house, 
wonder if they'll turn their teeth blue, ha, ha, ha!
Well, 3 hours til showtime, gotta finish cooking my chicken for the week, and pick up some SUSHI!

1 comment:

  1. This post cracked me up!!! My hubby and I are so excited for the finale tonight too- I only wish I was as prepared as you with blue treats and sushi! :)
    Learning to the Core