Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Moments

i woke up early this morning, going over my to do list in my head,
thinking frantically of all that I had to do,
the trimester ends in 2 weeks, which not only means I have only 2 weeks to review skills, but throw in there Halloween for my little one, nope, no costume yet.
a halloween carnival
professional day friday, less day with kids
did i mention i'm taking a technology course?
report cards (well, at least i have 2 1/2 weeks before they're due)
and yeah....i've been fighting off a cold all weekend 
(guess who's winning)

and then a small still voice, 
one i've been too busy to hear:
breathe, appreciate the moments

kids love this time of year, don't let assessments overtake my classroom.
why can't i use the fun poems, chants, and read alouds to review those skills?

but mostly, i need to think about and cherish moments like this one:
my cutie pie had her first piano recital this weekend. 
did she talk to her pal next to her during the recital? yup :/
did i get uptight thinking, oh no, is this how she is in her kindergarten class? yup :/
did she play her music an extra 4 times because she was so nervous? ha, ha yup :)
do i swell up with tears and joy when i think of this moment? absolutely :)

well, thanks for hearing me out, 
i haven't blogged in such a long time but just felt this need to share.
hope to be a little less of a stranger here in my little part of bloggyland.

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