Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Dreaded Words...

The end of the trimester...
Friday was the end of the 1st trimester, already! I know!
Like most teachers in my district, we'll be busy this 3 day weekend grading assessments and completing report cards.
Friday our janitor  came in to clean and said wow you're here late!  Teachers never stop working, huh?  
But I love teaching and I love my class!
 Seriously, I have thee best class this year!
(My husband would tell you I say this every year :)

Anyways, I'm thankful for the 3 days.

Saturday was all bout scrapbooking.
Sunday will be all about Thor, eh hem, I mean, familia.
Then grading, eating, assessments, and our latest TV love:

Monday, after another visit to the dentist will be all about report cards and lesson plans.  Which I don't usually mind, but now we have to add the 4 C's to our plans, and include Blooms/Websters matrix to our plans...

Adios amigos...
I leave you with my favorite Arrested Development scenes, it sums up how I feel, but makes me smile every time :)

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