Monday, July 9, 2012

Daily 5 Freebie

I don't mean to be downer, but I'm definitely feeling blue...

I was originally writing:
I've been resting, relaxin' and spending time with my kiddos,
but now I'm just in bummer state...

We got a new fridge last week, which minus the cost was wonderful.
But this morning we noticed the water connection at the base was leaking terribly.

UPDATE:  My hubby fixed the leak, so good so far.
I pray it's all good.
Still can't completely exhale though, but I'm better (still keeping my fingers crossed).

Ok, so onto the freebie.
I know there are a bunch of cute posters out there, but I thought I would make some to go along with the checklist I posted earlier.

They're free and come in English or Spanish :)
(very, very cheap, I was confused about the freebie policy on TPT for Scrappindoodle clipart)
I apologize for the confusion :(


  1. Thanks for these posters in Spanish! I am reading the Daily 5 book and will try it out this year for the first time. I appreciate all of your help and these awesome resources in Spanish!

    I hope your leak is fixed for good, that is NO fun!


  2. I came across you daily 5 sheets on Pinterest, was lead to your blog but can't seem to get to the link to download them. It takes me to tpt but I can't find them in your store. I would love to get my hands on them if you can lead me in the right direction! Thanks!