Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Common Core In Español & A Freebie

So... summer is slowly sliding, slipping away (darn, I couldn't think of another S word to finish).
I finally finished translating the Common Core Standards for Kindergarten in Spanish,  WHEW!

Since I'm more familiar with Kindergarten Standards, I completed these first and will finish up First Grade, hopefully before summer ends...summer ending?....sigh....

Anyways.... who doesn't love Deanna Jump?
She was so sweet and okayed for me to use her CCSS format.  They were a true labor of love, I'm tellin' ya.  I included 4 colorful theme/title sets for The Common Core Reading, Language Arts, Writing, and Math.  I also included "I can" (Yo puedo) and the "We can" (Podemos) statements, which I thought would be perfect if you recite your daily objectives orally with your class.

And because it's my dear mama's birthday (Feliz Cumpleaños Mom), you can find them on sale  if you click below:

I know how difficult it is sometimes to find anything in Spanish, so below you'll find a checklist for the Kindergarten Common Core Standards in Spanish.
I work a lil' backwards and made the cover page last, which I love, so I'll try to cute-ify the checklist later.  Just click on the pic to grab your free copy :)

Drop me a note/comment, question, anything if you snags ya a copy :)


  1. Thank you for the freebie! This might help me communicate with some of my Spanish speaking parents. Our district only has a limited number of translators so it's hard to get them at meetings or have them translate documents. Now I can at least send this home so my parents know what we're working on!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  2. THANK you for this! Even though we are in our 9th year of our DLI program, we never had our standards translated! This is a HUGE gift and I totally appreciate it!

  3. Glad you can use it.
    :) Libby

  4. I'm so glad to have found your blog-- first grade dual language teachers unite =)


  5. Thank you Libby for sharing your talent with all of us. You have saved me lots of time and energy translating the CCSS.
    More power to us when we share!!!
    (To go along with your Super Hero Theme)
    Anabella :)