Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cute-ify Your Desktop

Hola bloggers!  I swear I get super motivated one day and the next several days I just love veggin' out (that sounds like something my son would make fun of me for, what's veggin' out mama?)

Anyways, my husband showed me this cute (I mean cool) way to label, decorate, umm I.D. (?) my files. 
So MAC users if you want your desktop files to go from this:

to cute-ifying them like this:
then just keep reading. 

1.  Open your clipart file (it's better if you use png clipart, so that the background doesn't show)

 2.  Double click the clipart  you want, it should open in Preview

3.  Hi-light image and Copy >Command C
then exit out of preview

4.  find the folder you want to cute-ify
5.  Right click on the folder and click >Get Info

6.  This window will pop up
notice the Images Folder is not hi-lighted (hi lit?)

7.  Click on the Images Folder, it will slightly hi-light

8.  Press paste > Command V
Exit out of Images Info

9.  Ta Da!  You have officially cute-ified your desktop :)
Whew!  It only took 9 steps :)
Let me know what if this worked for you, this is my first tutorial, (I feel so techy, shh don't tell my kids).
I would love to hear from ya :)


  1. This looks so much more fun! I hope something similar can be done with a PC. Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Castro's Class

  2. Thanks! I am loving the way my desktop looks with its new makeover! ;)


  3. It's so funny, I was just working on your fabulous tutorial when I saw your comment!! I LOVE THIS!! I've already remade half my desktop folders, thank you so much!! :) :)

  4. i love it! i am going to have to try this on my mac. thanks for sharing! your icons are super cute.