Sunday, July 31, 2011

Classroom Rules

I found Whole Brain Teaching last summer and became a follower.
 We also read Bono the Monkey, a cute story about a  naughty monkey who learns to follow classroom rules, so I've adapted some of the rules.
We learn these rules with hand motions and review them everyday.

I think it's great because if pushing becomes an issue,
I just ask, "What's rule #4?"
But my favorite is Rule #5,
How does that old Mama adage go?
If Teacher ain't happy,
Ain't Nobody happy :)
Rules English

Each rule has hand gestures:
1-cup ear, point to the teacher
2-raise hand, make talking motion with hand
3-raise hand, make walking motion with 2 fingers
4-motion no with fingers, grab your wrist, and motion no with fingers again
5-point to teacher, smile, trace your smile with index finger the
and say "ding" and flip pinky finger up (like Austin Powers)
Rules Spanish


  1. Love the idea of hand motions for the rules. We also read Bono el Mono. I just posted about him. Come and check it out :-)

  2. I will have to check out the book Bono el Mono. I love the rule charts!! Thanks so much for sharing.