Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Trash Can Dice Game

Joining the Linky at Little Miss Kindergarten.
This is a game I used when I taught 2nd grade.
I used the overhead projector, but a Smartboard would be even better.
Divide your class into 2 teams.
Choose a Team Leader (I usually chose someone shy).
To keep the momentum going, the teacher rolls a large dice.
The first team decides if they would like to use that number
in the hundreds, tens, ones place or in the trash can.
I ask them to huddle together, make the decision together, once everyone agrees,
the Team Leader raises their hand to voice the decision.
Repeat the process with the second team.
The team with the largest number wins!

This is a fun way to reinforce place value.
Students quickly realize larger digits in the hundreds place is best,
and smaller digits go into the.......Trashcan!

Click the picture below to download :)


  1. Thank you for Linking Up!

  2. Really cute idea! Love this and very easy to play anytime! Thanks! I'm going to be the English component of our Dual Immersion for 1st grade this year. We are growing our program as it just started in Kinder last year. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :)
    Counting with Coffee

  3. I love first grade! I would say #1 would be to keep same high expectations, it's the time for your English Only kids to shine and set the example! :)