Thursday, June 30, 2011

Book Whisperer Ch. 1

How do I feel after reading the intro and first chapter of The Book Whisperer?
In a word, validated.
When I taught 2nd, 1st, and now Kindergarten, 
all I wanted to show my students was to leave my classroom with a love of reading.

I believe all students can read. 
Some students just take a little longer.
The last month of school, one of my struggling students finally became proficient with their HFW.
When I was assessing his decodable words, he began by saying whatever came to mind, not decoding.
I isolated the first part of the word, he read it.
I uncovered the second syllable, he read it.
I praised him and acknowledged that he was reading.
I swear I saw the light inside him shine!
As teachers, we live for these moments don't we?

He read the rest of the words.
He read sentences.
He started reading books.
He saw himself as a reader, and he now knew he was a reader.
I was so excited, I told everyone, my coworkers, my principal, my husband!

I'm anxious to read more about Donalyn Miller's strategies, and I'm encouraged by her words so far.
I try to foster a love of reading by reading to my kids.
After reading a book, Big Book, or poem I let kids revisit them.
Can I just say it's the best feeling to see kids huddled around books,
seeing them with pointers, reading chants,
hearing the inflection in their voice.
Ahhhh, music to my ears........


  1. I love your enthusiasm about teaching! Your students are SO fortunate to have you.

    I'm retired now but taught all early childhood classes. My favorite was a combined first and second grade. I have four blogs that are about beginning reading that children really liked. They could be used for kindergarten also. The blogs are:

  2. Thanks Peggy for your sweet words! I'll definitely go check your blogs out :)