Sunday, June 26, 2011

Read Along Questions

Mrs. Lyons from Think of Teaching is hosting a Book Club and is starting off with some read along questions.
1) What is your favorite book (or series) from childhood?
Owl At Home, I loved the tear tea chapter

2) What is your favorite book (or series) now?
I love reading James Patterson, who knew he could write mystery, suspense, and romance :)

3) What is your opinion of e-readers?
I borrowed my daughter's Kindle, thought I wasn't going to like it, 
but the best feature was lying in bed reading and not having to worry about how to hold the book.

4) Finish this sentence: "On Sundays I like to..."
watch Chick Flicks with my girls :)

5) Describe yourself in 5 words!
Mama to 5 great kids

6) Hardcover or paperback? Why?
 Anything at the bargain section at Barnes & Noble

7) Coffee or Tea?
Ohhhhhhh this is by the far the easiest question yet,
Coffee, almost everything tastes great with a large cup of café

1 comment:

  1. So glad to have you with us for the read along! So true about the coffee. So true.
    Thinking of Teaching