Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs

Hola amigos!

This is my first week of school and I... am... beat! (it' barely Tuesday you say?  I know!)
But I do love starting a new year :) 
New kiddos, new boards, and a new classroom set up.

This year, our school adapted the Super Hero theme.
Yay for me because I started this theme last year :)
I'll post student goals and Super Student of the Week here.

But I do love my DJ Inkers decor so I used some in my library area.
My library area is behind the shelves.  
I just pulled some of my math boxes, I had to store them during the summer, and they're actually pretty well organized in a cabinet.

My new library set up!  I still need to find some comfy padding for my bench area.

I'm loving my writing wall!  After I put writing samples, you'll still be able to see a border.
Ahhh... scrapbook paper.... how I love thee!

Each class has adopted a University.
Each grade level is responsible for teaching university vocabulary and every Wednesday we can wear our university t-shirts.  Can I just say how cool it is too see classes wearing their university T's :)
We are 'SC!

Our class rules:  they're the same rules I've used, similar to Whole Brain Teaching, but with a Super Hero coolness :)

Our pocket chart area and science/history wall.

And lastly, our math wall.  I do most of it on the Smart Board, but last year my kiddos weren't able to do calendar when I had a sub, so I thought I'd put a basic one for such "sick" days ;)

I looove to peek in other classrooms, so if you're anything like me, head on over to

Adios amigos :)

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