Thursday, July 11, 2013

Anyone Keynote Out There?

Hola Amigos
Is there anything better than waking up when you're body is ready?
Late enough that you feel rested.
Early enough that you can enjoy a cup of coffee and listen to your music because everyone's sleeping still.  Maxwell station on Pandora, love me some good ole' R&B!

My brain has definitely enjoyed this summer.
Usually my To Do list is long, I love marking off what I've accomplished.
And much that I'll even write stuff I've done just so I can check it off :)
But this summer I just really needed a break.
I've been spending a lot of time enjoying my familia.

I have about 3 full weeks left of summer before I need to start heading to my class.
My laptop has still been freezing.
I lost Microsoft Office because I had gotten a great reduced price through my district, but I think it was a download.

So I'm thinking about Pages and Keynote, I would some advice :)
I used Powerpoint to make my printables and centers, but I'm wondering if Keynote is just as easy.

Anyways I'm off to enjoy another lazy day of summer ;)
Adios Amigos

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