Friday, December 28, 2012

Oh Happy Day

So I forgot to post about this, but when I returned from Thanksgiving break, I walked in and immediately saw this:

Oh Happy Day!

 I was beyond excited because I HATE these cords.
Funny how it's the little things that get to you, huh? Or maybe it's just me :(
I mean it shouldn't matter so much because I used an OHP for years, YEARS, 
but technology is spoiling us I suppose.

 So GOOD-BYE projector sitting on my ugly (but useful, so no I won't get rid of you) cabinet!

 GOOD-BYE cords that freak me out every time someone trips over them (shhh, hardly happens) and I worry my projector will fall.

 I thought for a moment about bringing the tables closer to our Smart Board, but naaah,
I love having my kiddos close to the screen while doing calendar or other SB activities,

and there's no better way to enjoy a Christmas movie before break ;)


  1. I'm so jealous!!! But very happy for you...I would love to have mine in that kind of setup :)

  2. I ask every year for my projector to be mounted... you are lucky! enjoy!