Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Mama of 5 & Teacher of 21 Goes Missing

I've been MIA in Bloggyland, I know.
I've been enjoying my students at school and my familia at home.
And in between catching up on my TV shows, but more importantly, my zzzz's.
I did most of my shopping on the 24th, if that tells ya anything.
(Note to self:  Keep traffic anger in check, parents may be in the area) :-/

This year we made it to the Inland Empire Christmas lights, WOW!  I always grab some food or hot chocolate, load up the car, and we go Christmas light looky on our last day of school before break, but we were so wiped out, we waited to visit this entire neighborhood of lights.
 Not the best picture, but super cute Kids Around the World wishing us a Merry Christmas.

 I think next year we'll try walkin' it.
My poor cutie pie fell asleep and missed out because the line was soooo long.

I hope you were able to spend a beautiful Christmas with your family.
Wishing everyone out there peace and happiness :)

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