Sunday, September 9, 2012

University Words

I am loving First Grade!
Love the kids I have this year, just awesome!
Now I remember why I taught first grade for 9 years.

We started Read to Someone, and just like the Sisters said in their book, my kiddos LOVED it!
I just loved hearing them tell our new student why we're reading, 
"because, the more we read, the better we get at it"
"because reading is fun"
"because we love to read"
ahhhhhh, sweet music to my ears :)

On another note, our school is all about going to college!
Each class has a University or College they represent, (go Trojans!)
we hang our University flag outside our door, (go Trojans!)
and wear our t-shirts every Wednesday (go Trojans!)
Each grade level is also responsible for teaching university words,
so of course I had to use KPM Doodles super cute banners.

Hope you can use, just clicky below
and drop me a note if you do :)

or in espaƱol :)

I only used words for K and First, but let me know if you're interested in 2nd-5th.

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  1. Our school wants to start the college talk too. Could you send me the other words you are using? We have a meeting at 8 AM and I would love to show it to them.