Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Having Fun With Words

Anyone out there still reading my lil' blog?
Anyone?  Anyone?
I cannot believe how busy and tired I am.

Anywho, I wanted to share some pics of a fun activity we do every week to review our spelling and high frequency words.

I number and write our words on our Smart Board and put an interactive dice or two.
A student touches or rolls the dice,
 and the rest of the students write the word for that number on their white board.

My kiddos love this!
 When we don't roll a 1 for example, I encourage them to chant,
one, one, one,
a student rolls the dice and
we cheer or awe when it lands.

Give it a try, your kiddos will love it!


  1. That is a cute idea. I will try that for sight words.

    Thanks, Sue

  2. Love it! Thanks again for sharing your good ideas!

  3. That's an awesome idea! Can't wait to try it with my kiddos.