Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nervous But I'll Give It A Go

I've been thinking and thinking about it,
and I thought I would finally venture onto the world of TPT.
I feel a little scared (yeah right, A LOT)  on this new venture, but I thought summer would be a perfect time to explore ;)  I would really appreciate any feedback, comments, or advise :)

I would love it if you came by and followed me on TPT.   I will definitely be offering more freebies :)

I made this class sign last Christmas and they were a big hit!
I had it available through Scribd but thought I upload onto TPT and make it a little more accessible.
I have a Spanish version available as well.
Wish me luck :)


  1. Starting your own TPT store... good for you! I'm hopping over there now to follow you. Your sign is adorable!
    First Grade Found Me

  2. Super cute! I am sure your TPT store will do great. We always need more bilingual resources out there!

  3. Cute sign and congrats on signing up on TPT! Can't wait to see more of your products on there!! I was scared at first too when I joined, BUT I love it!!

    Cheers To School

  4. Congratulations! I took the leap last week. It's scary but I'm glad I did it. I've sold one item and I was beyond excited. I will be sure to follow your store!!


  5. Congrats on your store opening! I will be sure to follow, as I always look forward to new bilingual resources!

    The Second Grade Superkids