Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Reflections

Can you believe I got sick...again?!
I had 5 kids out Thursday, 2 on Friday, and yesterday afternoon was my turn.  Some awful stomach bug going around.  Thankfully, I'm getting better. 

 Before I got sick, I spent the morning with a chai tea latte and addressing announcements.  My kids are seniors and graduate on our last day of school.  Ayyy, the realization of my baby girl graduating is slowly hitting me....  Well, actually my cutie pie is my baby girl, but there is a 12 year gap between my girls.  Oh, and no I don't have twins, just happens that my stepson, who lives with us, is also graduating.  Crazy, two seniors, one graduation, one happy mama :)

And yes, it's report card time.
I seriously cannot we only have 8 days of school left!
Still left to do:
-report cards
-class profile cards
-finalize honor roll lists
-award certificates
-And prepare for a Graduation/End of year/Let summer begin PARTAAAAY!!!!!

Good luck teachers out in Bloggyland!
I know how hectic this time of year for us :)

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  1. Wow, 8 days!!! It will be so busy, but it will be very quick!! We have 17 days with the students and a few days after that. Best of luck with your end of the year work!! :) :)