Sunday, January 26, 2014

Do Your Parents Follow Your Blog?

Anyone out there?

If you're like me, you're probably doing all you can just to fit everything in at school and check a few blogs on Bloglovin',
no time to post
no time to comment.

Well, my New Year's Resolution (hey! it's still january ;)
is to do more of both!

I got a little overwhelmed because I started another blog just for my parents, but, if I can't seem to keep this one up, well, let me just say, I think I only posted once.  Never mind we have a school site that we can post on, but that one just wasn't as easy to use.

I originally started this blog as a place for my parents to take a peek into our daily world, but then with all the linkys I was joining and the personal stuff, I thought whoaaaa, do my parents really need to know so much about me.

And then too, I found out some of colleagues "found" my blog and I wanted to die.
Like this blog isn't totally public, but I don't know, seems like I post and sure "people" may read my blog, but "real people"?  People I know, that was another story.

Ayyyyy, such dilemmas!

So, what about you?
Do your parents know about your blog?

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  1. Libby- I love following your site and I think any parent would appreciate the info and insight you share into your world. As you say, it is public, so it's not as if you can hide (lol). Thank you for all the great resources and ideas.

    Maria Giannini