Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Begins!

Hola amigas!
My summer has finally started, YAHOO!!
It's been a loooong year and without getting into it let me just say I'm in desperate need of a break. 

My beloved laptop crashed the last week of school and while I was seriously bummed, I was just soooo thankful that a month ago, I had backed up the 2 most important things on my laptop, my PICTURES of course and my CLIPART!  Am I right?!  I still need to take my laptop into Apple and hoping it can be restored, but I'm comforted that all is not lost:)

So if what are the most important files on your computer?
Take some time today to save them somewhere,  on the cloud, external hard drive, flash drive, or at least email them to yourself.

Happy Summer!

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