Wednesday, May 1, 2013

20 Days But Who's Counting!?!

I can't believe I haven't blogged in so long! 
But I know if you're a teacher, you can totally relate to how crazy busy this time of year is!
And the craziness is just starting, aaaaaaaah!!!

Anyways, here are a couple of things we've been working on...

One of our Earth Day activities:
this followed our space unit so well, talk about seeing the Big Picture!
We've also been working a lot on comparing and contrasting.
My kiddos worked in collaborative groups to compare/contrast the characters Cat & Dog from our Tesoros (Treasures) unit last week. Then I paired them up and had them compare/contrast themselves with a partner.

They did a really great job!
I love how they really understood the concept of comparing apples to apples, and point for point.
I loved how they color coded their double bubbles,
(how cute, blue and red make purple :)

Jeri likes to color, Jazmin likes to play outside.
Jeri has a dog, Jazmin-a cat.
Jeri has short hair, Jazmin-long hair.
Jeri likes chocolate ice cream, Jazmin-vanilla.
They're both girls, like mango, pink, insects, and Skippy John Jones (how cute is their spelling in Spanish ;)

But the BEST PART of this activity?
When they presented, Wow!
I was floored as to how well they presented, man I wish I would've recorded them!
They presented point for point and took turns to present what they both liked.

Did I mention this is Jeri's first year in Spanish?
Man I'm proud of my kiddos!

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