Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day of the Dead

I love Day of the Dead art!
Love, love, love it!

The Day of the Dead, is celebrated on November 2nd.
It is cultural celebration to remember our loved ones.
I'll write more later, for now I just wanted to share some things I've been preparing for our next unit of study, el Día de los Muertos.
Hopefully this will inspire you to make some of these fun projects :)

I found some really cute chocolate molds,
and decided to make some yummy chocolate lollipops for my students.

 Every year I make sugar skulls, with my lil' helper of course.
They are super easy to make, just be sure to follow directions.
The first year I made them I tried to get a wet sand consistency, but, well... let's just say,
I had to make another batch.

After you get the right consistency, (damp sand, not wet and soggy),
you just pat the sugar mixture into the mold.
Please note:  If little hands help, expect to have sugar on the counter,
on the floor, on clothes....  but hey, she had fun!

 This is a close up of the mold and voilá, our sugar skulls!
They need to dry for about 12 hours on a piece of cardboard.

Feliz Día de los Muertos :)

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