Saturday, March 19, 2011

Classroom Pics

I teach a Dual Immersion Kindergarten class.
Spanish speaking students learn English,
while English speaking students learn Spanish.

These pictures are from September, 
a lot has changed since, and I hope to post those pics later.

This is my teaching wall.  Everything goes here first.  
I thought I'd use the top of my wall for decor, 
my daughter, Erica, did a great job with the animals above.

Our Calendar Wall
  I also use the left side of the white board for more calendar fun.

Our Writing Wall
  I put up a writing & art sample each month, then save it for an end of the year memory book.

It's great observing Kinders see how they wrote at the beginning of the year
and comparing it to the end of the year.  Great growth!

We've been working on colors. 
(No! The clock isn't wrong.  I was at school that late Friday, trying to catch up :)

Our Word Wall

Well, that's pretty much it.  I dropped my camera after this shot.
I couldn't close the zoom lens, it was getting late, and 
I had one hubby, 4 teens, and a toddler waiting for me to bring pizza
from this great place by my school.

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