Saturday, March 26, 2011

10 Things I Learned From Teaching

Trying something new, the Linky Party at Rowdy In First Grade.

1.  After teaching 17 years, I'm still learning new things.
2.  I agree with some other blogs, there are certain names I would never name my child.
3. Too many supplies/ resources isn't necessarily a good thing (clutter).
4.  I should have invested in container products right away!
5.  I cannot leave general sub plans, I come in early to leave specific plans (when will I learn).
6.  Am I really that controlling? 
(hanging jackets on chairs a certain way really is better so they don't drag).
7.  Why is it that when I finally have alone time, 
I want to run to Lakeshore and find new things for my class?
8.  Coffee is my best friend in the morning.
9.  Everything always seems better with CHOCOLATE!
10.  I still love teaching, it really is the most rewarding job!

Well, here's my list.
I enjoy seeing other classrooms and finding new ideas in Bloggyland.
I'm just starting off with this blog,  hopefully I could add to this world as well.

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  1. #7 and #8 I love! But when I have free time (and my house is a mess and really needs cleaning) I spend oodles of time buying clip art and cute fonts! And coffee is like oxygen. Seriously!