Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring Break No More

Well, that's all folks, my Spring Break is over.
And how did I do on my long list of To Do's?
-Sleep in...check
-Watch awesome movies...check, check, check!

Yesterday was a movie marathon for me and I enjoyed one of my all time favorite movies
I never thought I would've married my best pal, 
but I did, and the rest as they say,
is history.

How funny that as I was watching this movie I got this picture from my sis with the text, when Jeff met Libby 
Yup!  I'm a Trojan and he's all Marvel :)

Well, I'm off to finish planning, hope you enjoy the rest of weekend!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Book Baggies

 Spring Break Finally...YAHOO!!!
Ah-hem, sorry about that, it's been a loooooong year people.

Anyways, getting back to reading.
Let me just say that I follow Amy Lemon's super blog, Step Into 2nd Grade, and she wrote a great blog about Book Buddies.  If you don't know about her, be sure to check her out, she offers many freebies and fabulous ideas.

I bought these cute bags and had such great intentions...
I checked here for my post and realized it was almost a year and half ago (yikes)!

 I just couldn't manage it with Kinder, but I finally got a good system going.
I numbered the bags 1-21 and put different titles in each bag.
My kiddos take home a new bag with 5 new titles every Monday and return them on Thursday.
This gives them the opportunity to read 5 different Spanish books at home each week!

I really liked the notice about why I can't skip my 20 minutes of reading, I knew this was something my students and parents could use, so I had to translate this one.   It really drives home the point of being an eh-so-so reader or a Super Reader

I revised the parent letter and permission form for my kiddos, be sure to visit Amy's blog for copies.

My kiddos love receiving new Book Baggies each Monday.
I'm working on a Book Recommendation Form for my kiddos to fill out, hopefully after I get back.
For now I'm loving every moment relaxing, catching up on my cleaning, and time with my lil' cutie pie.

And don't forget to visit Step Into 2nd Grade for more super ideas!