Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sticker Books

My discipline policy has always been pretty basic.
I've always been a Happy Face :) / Sad Face :( kinda teacher.
It's pretty easy to follow, you're good, you're on the happy face.
If you don't listen, you get reminded of the rule,
still talking?  sad face.

At the end of the day, if you're on the :) you get a sticker.
And if you've been really good or did something really nice, you get check marks after your name, and a sticker for each checky mark.

This usually works really well.
And while I've starting something new, my kids still love receiving stickers, maybe because they get to put them here:
Clipart:  DJ Inkers and Scrappindoodles

Sure, my kiddos sometimes spend a few seconds admiring their collection.
Any longer than that, and I start reminding them their book may soon be mine, that usually works right away.  

Clicky above for a copy and let me know if it works out for you :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Why I said NO To A New Ipad Mini

Are you kidding me?  Who says no to a new Ipad mini?
:/ Me, ugh, crazy I know.

For Valentines Day we went to my FAVORITE restaurant ever,
 OMG, it's soooo YUMMY
My absolute, favorite dish, la combinación, pollo y lechón,
the combo plate of chicken and pork,
it comes with white rice, black beans, and sweet onions, in the most savory garlic sauce, mmm delicioso!  (I don't usually mix my languages, but even you'll come out of there reciting any español you know :).

If you can't make the restaurant locations, and you're ever at Universal City Walk, there's a small food to go in the food court, 
seriously, you can thank me later, You MUST GO!

Ah hem, anyways, 
afterwards we went to Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade,
and as we were enjoying
( so good to know calories don't count on Valentines ;)

when my sweet hubby said he was going to get me an Ipad mini for Valentines Day!
I was so excited! Really?! For me?!
But when we got to the Apple Store, my indecisiveness crept in,
It's a lot of money, what if I don't use it much?
I already have an iphone, isn't it pretty much the same thing?
I don't know why, but I wouldn't hesitate to get one for my hubby if he wanted it, but for me....?
Well, let me research it a little more, see if I really do want one, or better yet, use one.

SEE PEOPLE, I seriously need help,
please help me get over my typical mama's -everyone comes first mentality.