Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Patriotic Thinking Maps

My Kinder Kiddos enjoyed learning about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.
After reading books about each of the Presidents, we made a Double Bubble to compare and contrast them

I loved the vocabulary my students developed.
We completed a Tree Map (Thanks Deanna Jump)
and made a TLC inspired Abraham Lincoln.
I didn't give them directions, 
I just gave them the construction paper and let them create.
I was surprised at how nervous my Kiddos were,
What?  No directions?
How do I make the tie?
Just try it, don't worry....
I think they're super cute!
¡Muy bien K3!


  1. I love the double bubble and tree map! I'm pinning this to my social studies board. Thanks!

  2. Hi!! I just gave you a Top 10 Award. I hope you stop by my blog to get it.


  3. I am your newest follower! My school has a large population of ELL students so I am sure I am going to find all of your ideas useful! I really needed you during my first year of teaching when I had a little girl who didn't speak any English and I spoke no Spanish! One day I was desperately trying to communicate with her, trying every Spanish word I could remember from the volume of Spanish phrases I had been studying each night. As she stared at me blankly I realized that I was, in fact, using my high school French with her instead! How that poor child and I muddled through I will never know! I am glad I have found bilingual blogs to help me reach my ELL kiddos now (and of course I have studied more Spanish since then lol!)

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  4. Thanks for the comments ladies :)

    I'm still laughing Jennifer!
    :) Libby

  5. this is super cute! makes me want to go back to kinder land....ah the memories :)