Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer To Do List

Is it sad that I love, love, love lists?!
So I couldn't pass up the chance to join the Summer To Do List Linky at

  1. My oldest daughter will be going to college, so we'll have lots to do to get her ready.  I think I'm going to need boxes and boxes of tissue, snif, snif.....

2.  Potty train my youngest, man oh man she's as stubborn as her mama ;)

3.  Go to the beach.  My girls love the beach, hmmm, maybe this will help encourage my lil' one with potty training.  I'm hoping to catch up on a lot of reading also.  I was able to squeeze in a couple of good books during the school year.  (Can't wait for "The Help" movie in August).

4.  Make lots of activities for my class.  I am so motivated by the many awesome teacher blogs out there.  I bought some units from TPT, but I'm going to have to spend a lot of time translating them in Spanish.

5.  Re do my Math stations.  I've had training in Math Their Way and Marcy Cook (love her activities), but I seriously need to differentiate my groups better.  

6.  Rest, relax, and enjoy my time with my family.


  1. We have a lot in common. Let's follow each other and keep in touch!


    I guess I forgot to put it on my profile page, thanks for reminding me.