Monday, May 21, 2012

Binder Organization

I love anything ORGANIZATION.
I love peeking at how others organize their plans and papers, so I thought I would share what works for me.  I like to use a 1 inch binder, not too big, not too small, but just right.  Inside I put what I need in order to plan, organize, input grades/scores.  Best of all, since it's only an inch, I can take it home easily, no problema :)

I used to put my plans on the front of the binder, but it seemed to make more sense to have a cute cover so my plans could be easily found. I place lesson plans on the backside for quick and easy access.  I love to use tabs with pockets so that I can place papers if I don't have time to punch holes right away.

Section 1:   Student Info- birthdays, phone numbers, I.D. numbers/language codes, or any important student info from the office.  (note: I put bulletin on inside of this tab because it's in the front).

Section 2:  Records- I love this section!  I have a general class list and make several copies at the beginning of the year.  I like having all of my students' scores on one sheet because  I can easily see their growth.  I have one sheet for letter I.D., sounds, high frequency words, etc.  I used to keep these sheets in my assessment binder, but when I take my binder home I have everything I need without having to lug around my huge assessment binder.

Section 3:  Pacing Guides-  Math and Language Arts Pacing guides from the district, Smart Goals, and my Reading Scope & Sequence with themes at a glance.

Section 4:  Standards- I put a copy of our grade level standards and a copy of the Kinder Report Card, next year, Common Core.

Section 5:  Calendar-  We get a yearly calendar from our principal but I like to transfer information that pertains to our grade level here.  But I'll have to post about a different calendar I use that I absolutely LOVE!

The last section holds papers in transition.  These are generally projects I would like to work on when I have the time,  (yeah right :)

I used to have a section for lesson plans, but I found that if I need to refer to them I can quickly access them on my flash drive.

My lil' cutie pie, busy making another master piece!
These make super Teacher Binder Covers as well :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

I'm Moving On Up!

It's official!  I'm going to First Grade next year!  YAHOO!!!
Ahhh... First first love...
I'm so excited!  I love, love where my Kinders are right now, and to think I get to start here next year and go beyond!

On another note,
have you seen this?
I went to Olvera Street and saw these guys driving this crazy cool meal on wheels :)

Ocean Chant

It's the end of the year, can't believe how busy we are, but
please, someone out there, please tell me you remember this one!
I taught the Spanish version to my Kinders last week with the good old hand clap game,
but it was totally foreign to them.
So parents, if you remember, maybe you can help me out.
It's a goodie, but boy oh boy I hope it's not that much of any oldie.
Marinero3 Sailors

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fishy Freebie

Tomorrow we begin our ocean unit,
I love studying about the ocean,
although I have to admit,
I have a deep fear of sharks.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
Hope you can use :)
Fish Label Sp